The D Word

The D Word


May I write freely? When I think of dating I think of two other words that begin with the letter D and that is Death and Destruction. I know that sound so negative but continue reading and you may disagree with me later, if you still disagree.


The word dating is a very broad term, in my opinion it seems as if everyone has their own definition of dating. Dating can be determined by a person’s culture, religion and or life experience. In addition, there are so many factors that play a role in who you date, whether he or she the same views on parents and politics and religion. There are also desires, expectations, and baggage. The baggage may consist of but not limited to financial issues, drug issues, child(ren) and or sexually transmitted diseases. There is also the abuse that occurs such as physical, financial, sexual, and so on. If you are in an abusive relationship leave, it will only get worse and possibly lead you or a loved one’s death.


Right about now you are probably thinking “I can tell she’s single” or “yeah! she been hurt”.  Let me explain to you why most of my views on dating are overcast, I feel as if because about 95 percent of the people who are “dating” are doing it in vain. They are not serious or in other words they are not ready for a commitment. A commit to someone is to marry them and say I will be there for you for better or for worse. A commitment is you have discovered all their flaws and you do not end the relationship. A commitment is your baggage is mine to carry also, not matter the weight. Ultimately, I feel as if the dating stage is prolonged to satisfy one person’s needs or the other which leaves one person or both with emotional ties, even if is it lesser of the evils. If you feel like that person is not for you, even if you cannot pinpoint why, you should discontinue the dating relationship rather than trying to convince yourself to be with the person only to later terminate the relationship.


Meeting someone you like is beautiful and getting to know them is like traveling to a foreign country, frightening, and exciting. I would never encourage someone to settle for less especially when it comes to one of the biggest decisions in life which is who will be your partner for the rest of your life. I wish you all blessings and safety in your relationship endeavors. Tell me what you think? Do I have point? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know and thank you for reading.

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