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    NOVEMBER 26, 2013
    Finding the time to do what I want to do personally for me is quite hard with an 8month old. As soon as I walk through the door after work it is Mommy Time. He fills my weekends so you can understand the struggle of trying to go to the movies without him. It was either I had someone to go with and no babysitter or a babysitter and no one to go with. So, I decided I would take the baby and the babysitter (my mom) with me to the movies. What a great combination because she loves him and he loves her cause well she looks like his mommy. Now don’t get me wrong my little one is well behaved but this was his first visit to a movie theatre and I didn’t want to be one of those moms with a screaming baby in the audience (the one we all whispered about wondering why she would bring her baby to the theatre) so I took some precautions. I made sure it was an early show. The less people the better. I made sure to feed him before we left. I would be eating popcorn and I was not willing to share with my 8 month old besides a babies hunger cries are the worst ones. If u haven’t heard them yet, God bless. I only planned to be outside for 3 hours anyway but they were well worth it. Yes they were all worth it since I don’t get out much since having my son.

    I am a movie goer. I love movies plain and simple. As a teenage that is all I would do. I remember when my dad would call me to see what I had been up to and he would say “going to the movies again?”

    So you ask what movie I did all this for? Well it was for The Best Man Holiday, of course. I grew up on this movie. I would watch it over and over and over again. Still to this date I can watch that movie repeatedly. One of the rare movies I can do that with.

    The Best Man Holiday a sequel to The Best Man takes place about 10 years or so later. The story of these 10 friends gather together during the holidays for the first time since Lance and Mia’s wedding. The sequel movie dealt with betrayal, honesty, forgiveness and faith just like the first. You would think 10 years later these characters wouldn’t be struggling with these qualities but that’s not real life now is it? In real life we struggle daily with being honest, forgiving and having faith.

    The Movie had some laughs, some fights but a death??? Who seen that coming? Not me!!! It seemed like 20 mins after we found out Mia was battling cancer her body was being laid into it’s final resting place. She was gone just like that. WHY was little Mia dead??

    I cried with Lance as he collapsed to the ground as Mia’s casket was lowered into her grave. I cried because his rock, his support, the one that kept him grounded was gone. Not only did Lance have to deal with the grievance of his young, loving, departed wife he also had to finally deal with forgiveness and trust with his friend Harper(his best man). Lance was able to truly forgive Harpers jaded past. Harper was then encouraged by Lance to admit to his friends and pregnant wife about his financial crisis. With this honesty his retiring, Quarter back star friend Lance agreed to give Harper the opportunity to write his Autobiography. Although these two were absent from each other’s lives they were able to pick up where they left off once they forgave and were honest with each other. It was even beautiful to see Lance deliver Harpers daughter the day of the funeral. He lost a life and in the same breath was able help deliver a new one. When one door closes another opens, Right?

    Once again this is a movie but I do feel that it did a decent job of reflecting real life. I mean, well real life does not get solved in 2 hours but you get the drift?

    In life you will experience love and loss. How often do we wait until a tragedy happens before we release something that should be let go? You know it should be let go because you are not happy cause of it and it weighs your spirit down. Look at you, you got the death grip on it! “Over my dead body will I let it go” you say? There are many times in real life that we do not listen to our inner voice/HolySpirit/Intuition/Angel/guide/Higher self (whatever you choose to call it) and we suffer. We suffer because we do not release something that is not healthy for ourselves. We in turn experience frustration because that very thing we are holding on to isn’t going the way we expect it to. We hold on even when and after it makes us sick. We pray for guidance, for a change but the change we seek is within. Listen to that voice, you know, the one your ignoring. You’ve got to let go of what’s weighing you down that is making you sick. Your spirit becomes affected and becomes heavy with these bondages and burdens you carry. Think a bag lady. Our spirit should be light as a feather the way it came into this world and so it shall leave the same.

    I am struggling with knowing when to let go. I am not perfect but I’m learning everyday to listen to that voice.

    It is inevitable that in life you will experience love and loss. Will you let a tragedy happen before you let it go? Are there some things you need to let die?


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