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    Staying focused

    What is staying focused, What is even the purpose, how can I stay focused? How can I stay focused but not let it consume my mind to the point I am overwhelmed?

    Imagine working for 358 days out of the week and you are looking forward to a 7 day Caribbean vacation that you have planned. You prepare for that trip by buying the right attire, looking up landmarks and places you want to visit, planning for emergency situations, having your ride to take you to the airport and pick you up , and having enough money. You may dream about it, think about it and smile, you may plan so well that nothing can get in the way of you getting there well that’s what staying focused it like. Rather than focus on a momentary Caribbean vacation your vision is shift to the goal you strive to achieve.

    Staying focused is an everyday fight to make the right decision that would lead to your ultimate goal. Some harder than others have to fight everyday to make it to work because of the needed experience, paycheck, promotion or networking. It’s the same with education you to fight for that degree or high school graduation or certification because of the many ways the education will benefit you in the future. It could be your marriage, a child behavioral issue, a financial goal, self-improvement, going to church, staying connected, building certain relationships.

    You will need to live a balanced life so you remain healthy while staying focused. It is the only you will not feel overwhelmed to the point of procrastinating or fully giving up. Take a moment to self-love/self-care enable to remind yourself self that you are human and keep in my What masters the most which can be time with family, friends enjoying a favorite activity.

    Stay blessed and stay focused