• Rosie Safira Julmis posted an update in the group Group logo of BlogBlog 3 years, 3 months ago

    When is enough, enough?

    Well I am glad you inquired about this. Enough is enough when your mind,life, body and future is not up for bargain. You began to exude purpose and you begin to understand that your life is solely up to you and God. You no longer live in fear at what people might think. You honor your parents and loved ones and respect their guidance but ultimately allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. You don’t focus on what you don’t have but what you possess enable to obtain what you are “lacking” if it is in Gods will. Your time becomes precious like a new born baby so you become very careful with it. You become mindful of every amazing breathe you inhale therefore you are grateful of everyday and every moment even the ones you struggle with because it entailed a separation, divorce death, depression, abuse and or sexual assault. When enough is enough you forgive everyday to battle against bitterness, hurt and rejection because it has no place in your life. You focus on your value therefore you love and respect yourself and others. You no longer magnify the imperfections of other or yourself but you decide to build your character by excercising qualities of integrity and perseverance. When is enough, enough for you?