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    By ARosieVision

    I give up! It’s time for a break,
    And I figured I would say something now before it’s too late.
    Because I feel I’m beginning to jeopardize my sanity,
    When it seems as if chaos is my friend and relief is my enemy.
    It’s getting too much so I’m feeling less weary and more like it’s the end of me,
    Please God continue to watch over me attentively.
    I’m trying my best to press on but I feel like I might give up my integrity,
    And give in to living shamefully.
    But a part of me understands that if I do that I would be living dangerously,
    Than again this season is mentally painful for me.
    So I need I break,
    And I need you to understand I need however long it will take.
    Just to see myself smile for no reason,
    To release my joy from this prison,
    To search and find what is missing,
    To find contentment has become my mission.